Space Explorers: The Infinite


Nov 15 - Feb 19


Rocky Mountaineer, 1755 Cottrell St, Vancouver


The World’s Largest Interactive and Collective Virtual Reality Installation, SPACE EXPLORERS: THE INFINITE arrives in Vancouver, featuring new content captured in space, and promising a captivating experience for all.

Space Explorers: The Infinite is a unique immersive experience inspired by NASA missions, which transports visitors into space aboard the International Space Station. During this unique journey, visitors have access to never before seen 360 degree videos, captured in space using cutting-edge technology. They will enjoy incredible views of Earth and gain a unique perspective on the daily lives of astronauts through exclusive encounters with the international crew.

Now it’s your turn to experience firsthand what life is like in orbit, without ever leaving the ground! Embark on an hour-long immersive excursion through four captivating chapters that will reveal the many wonders of space exploration and connect you to Earth like never before.