Baseball season started this week, it’s a classic tell-tale sign that Spring is actually here. Before you start singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, can we add to the list of snacks in the song? “Give me some peanuts, cracker jack and Smart Food Popcorn” … we interrupt this song to join Drex on JACK live with a special announcement from Lena.



Hmmm… that’s it? THAT’s the announcement? Well please tell us there is a visual? Oh thank you Drex!

After some consideration, we might be on Lena’s side here … get it in while you can, especially if Stephen Hawking was right and we’re setting ourselves up for the end of the world as we know (we’re not fine with it though). If we’re eating Smart Food, we might as well start listening to smart people.




If the end of the world is coming, allow Drex to introduce us to someone who could save your life. Have you ever thought about getting an underground shelter?

Photos: Atlas Shelters



If Drex has to get inside one of these shelters, don’t even think about bringing marshmallows for survival.