We kicked off the Thanksgiving (Awesome 80s Long Weekend) with a visit with one of our Project Pencil Case winners Mr. Kovach  and his excited class in Surrey for a photo, lunch and a a GIANT cheque presentation. Overall, we gave away $11,000 with Project Pencil Case to deserving teachers across the Lower Mainland. This is just the beginning, we can’t wait for what we’re doing next.


This week will be remembered as the week Facebook & Instagram went down for the day. We know you didn’t realize that at the time though, because you definitely don’t check Facebook at work dozens of times a day… it was the most productive day in 20 years for most, but WHAT DID DREX DO DURING THE OUTAGE?


What is a BING? Does Google have the monopoly on search engines?


This week we got into the discussion of why Lesbian’s are on “Fast-Forward” with new relationships

This weekend is an Awesome 80s Long Weekend on JACK. When you think 80s, it’s hard to note think about one of the BIGGEST icons of the decade Princess Diana. We found out there is a ‘Diana The Musical’ and it’s BAD!!