We’re almost midway through September! Wow …time flies when you’re having fun. So if you’re having fun, please stop. We’re not ready for any of this.

Every now and then, we have the opportunity to be joined by some high profile guests, this week NDP leader Jagmeet Singh joined Drex on JACK. What do you do when you have a someone of his stature on your show? Have a spelling bee of course!


Have you seen Drex on social media lately?

He’s sporting a new look and sharing his style daily with the world. Some might say “that’s nice”, some might say … “mid-life crisis”?


Some people would do anything to be able to start a family, but is this woman demands for a donor TOO MUCH!!?

Someone came to work this week with a HICKEY … Drex, Lena & Bobby break out their Doogie Howser medical dictionary and it goes as well as you’d expect.


Coyote problem in Stanley Park? You can’t blame all of them … but you can question some of them.