One of the biggest celebrations in January is Betty White’s birthday! On January 17th, she’ll turn 97. We realized if you round up, we’re also 97. So we totally get it. We’re both living our best lives.

Here are some tidbits (no not Timbits) that showcase just how much life she has packed into her 97 years (so far).

Her secret? A few years ago, Betty White joined David Letterman for a “Top 10” segment. Here are “Betty White’s Tips For Living A Long & Healthy Life”.

“Vodka and Hog Dogs”

“Sleep 8 hours a night, 9 hours if you’re ugly”

“Exercise … or don’t what the hell do I care”?

“Never apologize – it shows weakness”

“The best way to earn a quick buck is a slip and fall lawsuit”

“Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts”

“Schedule a nightly appointment with Dr. Johnnie Walker”

“Take some wheatgrass, soy paste and carob, toss it in the garbage and cook yourself a big-ass piece of pork”

“Try not to die”

“Never dwell on past mistakes”


She holds the Guinness World Record for longest television career (spanning over 80 years)! As for us, well we’ve made it 80 minutes without a work place incident. Yay!

JACK FACT: Betty White has received eight Emmy Awards in various categories, three American Comedy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Grammy Award. She also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is a Television Hall of Fame inductee (class of 1995), and a Disney Legend (class of 2009).

The world is a much different place than it was January 17th, 1922. We jumped in the DeLorean to look back and see what life was like when Betty White was born.

We uncovered some interesting moments in 1922 history:

January 11th – The first successful insulin treatment of diabetes was made (by Frederick Banting in Toronto)

May 5 – In The Bronx, construction began on Yankee Stadium.

July 11 – The Hollywood Bowl opened.

October 18 – The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) was formed.

November 4 – In Egypt, English archaeologist Howard Carter and his men found the entrance to Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb.


How Much Did Things Cost In 1922?

(source: Morris County Library)

Men’s oxfords (shoes) $1.95
Bread $0.05/loaf
Jell-O $0.08/package
Milk, evaporated $1.00/10 cans
Maxwell Touring car (brand new) $885.00
Seaplane rides $0.10/passenger
Newspaper $0.02
4 piece Bedroom set $145.00
Set of golf clubs $5.50


What a life Betty White! Happy birthday!

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