Hollywood’s quick-witted sweetheart and resident 96 year-old has led an incredible career in the entertainment industry. We’ve uncovered some juicy Betty White tidbits that you can surely impress with at your next trivia night!

Betty White
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1. On her 96th birthday she wished for one thing: Robert Redford. White’s had a public celebrity crush on Mr. Redford since she was young, but surprisingly the two have never worked together, or even met!

2: Betty White knows a lot about mountain lions. She voiced this informational video about defending yourself from a large cat for National Geographic’s wildlife channel.


3. Betty White was a frequent guest on the show Password and she fell for the host, Allen Ludden!  After Ludden passed away in 1981 she never remarried, and to this day she says she was happiest during her time with him.

Betty White
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4. White is a true child of Hollywood. She moved to L.A. when she was just 2 years old, and naturally sprung a career in the entertainment business. Check out some of her early work:


5. Betty White is an only child and never had any kids of her own. She has, however, dedicated her life to taking care of and loving animals. Currently, she has a golden retriever who is a retired guide dog, that she credits as her prized possession.

6. Speaking of animals, one time Betty White and Slash met at a zoo and held this snake! The two were both attending the Los Angeles Zoo Association’s 41st annual Beastly Ball. White does a lot of animal charity work, and  has donated hundreds of thousands to the Los Angeles Zoo.


7. It’s official: Betty White has the longest television career of any female entertainer in history, with 75 years in the business under her belt. She actually set a Guinness World Record!

8. What keeps her living a happy and healthy life? White has said it’s about a positive outlook, vodka and hot dogs…in that order. (She actually has a hot dog named after her at Hollywood’s hot dog stand Pink’s)

9. She’s said that if there were a biopic made about her life, she’d like Meryl Streep or Julie Andrews to play her….but jokes it will probably be Chris Rock.



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