We all have one.  It might be different for some, but the majority of people could agree that certain songs define a certain time in history and music.


This Thursday at 10 pm, CNN starts an 8 part series called Soundtracks: Songs That Defined history.


The first song up and rightfully so, is Melissa Ethridge’s classic, I’m The Only One.


Now the Rock is really excited about this and decided to torture us with his hideous voice.



But, no question the original is beautiful and deserves to be recognized as a song that defined history.




Not just because the song is awesome!  Or that it has lesbians in the video; you laugh, but at that time this was released it wasn’t that common.

Etheridge was in Berlin in 1989 when the wall was torn down. She was woken up in a rush to play a free concert, that featured a handful of German acts, including Die Toten Hose, as well as Joe Crocker.  The Joe Cocker Doc that is on Netflix right now talks a little about this.  And that concert was a historic moment for Germans and the whole world. Etheridge and that song were a big part of it.


But it made me think…What songs have changed your personal history? And why?


We will start with the why.


Units sold will probably have a bunch to do with it. Some songs just aren’t heard unless they hit the charts. Even though Stevie Wonder said it best, “Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it good”.  But it may play a small role.


Case in point.  This piece of crap.



Charted in a major way, but is not that good.


But when you break it down, it’s the message.  A perfect example is John Lennon’s, Imagine.



For me, My musical influences came from my Mom.  So I was raised on Classic Rock and Funk, from Donny Hathaway to The Faces.


But my real love is with hip hop.  So the song that defined history in my world is Public Enemy – Fight the Power.



What’s yours? In most cases it’s a pretty personal thing, but whatever the song, whatever the reason, there’s always that song that changed your history.

Listen to it, love it and be proud of it.  Even if it is a horrible song!


– E







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