Hearts & Smiles – say thank you in style, with a heart and a smile


May 12 - May 17


Heart & Smiles!

Say thank you in style, with a heart and a smile

It’s International Nurses Week, and in recognition of all front line healthcare workers JACK 96.9 is saying thank you and we appreciate you.

Check out the swanky t-shirts and masks for sale, and purchase what you’d like with the full confidence with proceeds going towards The Frontline Fund – A fantastic organization providing supplies and support to healthcare professionals on the front line. They’ve had our backs throughout this whole mess, and now we can have theirs. Say thank you in style with a heart and a smile.

T-shirts and masks available HERE.

  • T-shirts are $30 (including shipping)
  • T-shirt & mask combo are $40 (including shipping)
  • T-shirt and masks available in black and white
  • T-shirt available in unisex S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL



Supports more than 150 hospital foundations across Canada, which are battling COVID-19.

The Frontline Fund focuses on three areas:

  1. Supplies for healthcare workers – ie personal protective equipment
  2. Support for healthcare workers – ie hotel rooms near hospitals, mental health resources
  3. Research – ie for clinical drug trials and vaccine development

For a list of hospital foundations in your community, click here.




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