Celebrate Pride 2020


Jul 20 - Aug 3




As you know, on April 18, 2020 Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that large scale public events would not be able to go forward this summer. Anticipating this announcement, the Vancouver Pride Society staff had been hard at work imaging alternative plans for a digital Pride season.

Pride is more than a parade or a festival – every year members of local communities speak out about what it means to them. Pride is the first time they felt truly able to be their full selves. Pride is the day they felt unafraid in public. Pride is where they feel able to fully exist in a world that isn’t designed for them. Pride is holding hands and sharing a kiss free of fear, it is first dates and family members coming around, it is political, it is dancing till dawn, it is unabashedly taking up space.

Pride is more than a parade or a festival -it is a feeling, not a physical space- which is why Pride can not be cancelled, only re-imagined. Connection is more important than ever this year. Isolation and insecurity have created terrible hardship for members of our communities. This is why we are proud to announce a digital line-up of events which enables us to come together and celebrate!


For more info and to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, please visit Vancouver Pride Society online.

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