So far, JACK has PAID OUT more than $33,000 in tax free Bribe money and YOU could be next. Introducing THE BIG BRIBE on JACK 96.9.

If you want to be BRIBED to listen, sign up NOW because if JACK calls your name, you’ll have 9 minutes and 69 seconds to call 604-280-JACK (5225) to win CA$H.   Bribing happens weekdays @ 9am, 1pm and 5pm (except for Thanksgiving Monday) 

Once you’ve been BRIBED, your prize keeps growing by $100 every hour until JACK bribes someone else.  If the next listener calls in, JACK won’t be bribing you any longer.  Miss out when your name is called – and your bundle of bribery goes to our last winner.


Full contest Rules HERE.
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