We’ve lost an icon. The ‘Master of the Shred’. Who doesn’t remember where they were when they first heard an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo?

Think about this, Eddie Van Halen is the man who (maybe unknowingly) saved the universe with his guitar in 1955).

He wrote of of the most iconic guitar solos of all-time, he almost joined KISS in 1983 (imagine Eddie in KISS make-up), he played with everyone from Michael Jackson to Kenny Chesney. He was an innovator. He was the soundtrack to many of our lives.

Eddie brought his signature tapping style to the mainstream and changed the way rock guitarists played the instrument. Not only is he a guitar legend but he also plays one of the most iconic guitars of all-time; his red, white & black “Frankenstrat”. (Fun Fact: you used to be able to buy “Frankenstrat” themed shoe’s from EVH’s official store, check ebay we bet you’ll find them!)


In honour of one of our favourite guitar players ever, we’re highlighting the top 6 Eddie Van Halen guitar solos ever! (at least in our opinion).



When you let Eddie Van Halen loose, this is what you end up with.


Beat It

Eddie played this one free of charge for Michael Jackson helping it become one of the most recognizable songs of all-time.


Hot For Teacher

“I winged that one,” Van Halen told Guitar World. “If you listen to it, the timing changes in the middle of nowhere.”



The keyboard intro might be best known to most, but when you listen to the song, the guitar solo is what hits you between the eyes.


Dance The Night Away

This one always has us dancing, maybe not all night, because that would be irresponsible, especially since we have to work in the morning.


Running With The Devil

The guitar in the song is iconic. The riff along brings back memories of parking lot parties with some good friends, parties and whatever trouble you got up to while running with the devil in your teenage years.

Honourable mentions: ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’, ‘Ice Cream Man’ ‘Panama’, ‘Cathedral’, ‘I’m The One’, ‘Spanish Fly’.


Listening to all these riffs really makes us realize how great of a talent we’ve lost. What is your favourite Eddie Van Halen riff?

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And just because we can …


RIP Eddie. We miss you.

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