If you’re not standing over your grill clicking your tongs, are you really BBQ’ing?

You’ve shared your favourite recipe in our JACKyard BBQ contest for a chance to WIN a brand new Napoleon Rogue XT BBQ with all the fixin’s from Trail Appliances! We narrowed it down to our top 10 recipe’s finalists. Which you then voted on …


Jeff, Charis & Paul went into a cook off with our final 3 recipe’s and now we crown a winner of a new Napoleon Rogue XT BBQ plus all the fixin’s from Trail Appliances



Since we can all agree, we love to BBQ, we wanted to share a few of our BBQ tips & tricks! We might be best known for not being able to get a library card, and playing what we want, but now you can add “last resort BBQ resource” to that list.

We all have our favourite tips & tricks to make a stand out meal and give yourself bragging rights, so here are some cool tips & tricks from the JACK team to help you get the most out of your next BBQ.


JACK’s Best BBQ Tips & Tricks

Insider tip:
If you want to trim those eyebrows a little, turn gas on high and ignite!

Jeff W. (JACK Program Director):
Use half an onion to clean your grill. Works great!

Corbet (JACK Assistant Program Director & National Music Director):
Don’t over flip the burgers!! Flip em once (twice tops) and never press them. Squeezes all the meat juice out!

Billy (JACK Promotions):
Add your preferred cooking oil to your meat before you add to the grill, prevents it from sticking. Cook meat once it’s hit room temperature to allow it to cook evenly. Then to make sure your meal stays nice and tender, baste while you cook, brush butter onto each side of your meat while it’s finishing on the grill.

Marcy (JACK Promotions):
Make sure you take the cover off the barbeque and double check your propane tank to make sure you have enough.


One of the most important parts of having a good BBQ is the music! We’re always playing what we want while we cook what we want.


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