Since it’s Jersey Day 4 Canada, we thought we’d share the story about the Green Men jersey that never was.

Picture it … the year was 2010 and the Green Men were still unknown to most hockey fans.

After attending only a few NHL games at that point, the word on the two guys in green suits by the penalty box hadn’t gotten out to most just yet. However, to a local kids yoga clothing company, the Green Men were the hottest names in fashion!

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberson sporting the Green Men jersey

Unfortunately, we’d soon learn that the market for two green men selling kids yoga clothes was just about as hot as the actual need for kids yoga clothes.

Original Green Men jersey mock up

While still attending BCIT, Force and I and were offered $500 for a photo shoot in these tiny pants and shirts. $500 to a pair of college students is like a winning lottery ticket so of course we said yes. Before we knew it kids yoga clothes had quickly turned into a jersey deal.

Not the best jersey deal mind you, but that’s a story for another day.

“We’ve already got them into the Costcos” said the head of the company to the two college students still enamored by a $500 cheque. Sadly, that conversation was the beginning of the end. While the vision of selling them through a major super store looked nice, it never came to fruition.

The jerseys never saw the light of day.

The Green Men at Ronald McDonald House in 2012


After the company went defunct in 2012, Force and I were gifted with a few crates of unopened brand new Green Men jerseys. While the clothing company never made a cent off them, we always made sure they got into the right hands.

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