The weather outside is getting nicer while we’re still hanging out inside playing classic Nintendo games, eating junk food and not seeing our family. Sounds a lot like life in the 80s!

If you’re in need of a mental break from all the news and self-isolation, we invite you to join our dance party!

We scoured through all the cassettes at the local SPCA sidewalk sale to make you this mix tape of our favourite songs from May 1983. Lots of MJ and some other nice delights that were at their peak this time 37 years ago. Go ahead and set your VHS to tape your favourite show over your old home movies and jam along to one of our favorite mix tapes and eras of music! This is the perfect playlist that kept us company while we waited in line to get into Return Of The Jedi!

Does anyone have one of those .25 cent Styrofoam airplanes we can put together?


Speaking of which … “It’s A Trap!”

What were your favourite songs from this era? Any cassettes you wore out? Tell us on Twitter @JACK969van.


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