As the summer winds down, our intensity winds up! Not only did we get to see a living legend, the wooden roller coaster, we also got to cross Billy Idol off our bucket list. Lets not forget Hammer’s House Party where we got to see Sully strut his stuff in parachute pants, which is always a nice surprise! The PNE and Playland never fail to disappoint, and yes our tummies are very content.

Just as you thought life couldn’t get anymore exciting, we got to watch ice melt for our Subway Mighty Melt Contest! What else would we rather be doing…watching water freeze? Ya right, do you think we have that much spare time on our hands, cause you’re not far off.

This summer has been full of laughter and giggles…as well as blood, sweat and tears. The JACK Roadies have truly been living the dream, from watching the Canadians, to getting our culture on at Italian Day on the Drive. We even got to celebrate Canada Day at Port Moody and have a BBQ in someones backyard. If we could go back in time to do it all over agian, we would! Sadly time travel is not possible, or is it?!?

Here’s where we’ll be this week

  •   Sunday, September 8 – Airband: Together for a Wish

Thanks to our friends at Booster Juice for keeping our boosters juiced!

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