This Weekend started off with a bang, and a BBQ. Brandi Jones was the winner of our JACKyard BBQ, she got to celebrate with 25 of her closest friends in Langley. Not only did they get to eat delicious, nutritious, perfectly cooked hamburgers from our friends at PURE Burger…they also got to spend time with Jeff and Charis. I would call that a win, eat, win. It’s always a success when we throw a party and it doesn’t end with a noise violation…or any violation.

Our Roadies put on some new hats at the beach, I guess they took them off for the picture. Our Thirst Responders leaped into action at English bay and beat the heat with tasty treats (Freezies).

P.S. Connor did bite his tongue in that photo.

We did so many sensational things this weekend that it only made sense to end it with dunking cops and running on water. I would say we are truly living the dream, and learning how to use big words like sensational!

Here’s where we’ll be this week

  • Sunday, August 18th – Mysterious Booster Juice Giveaways?!?

The JACK Roadies are excited to hit up tons of events throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley this summer! Keep your eyes out for the JACK Roadies in your area as we make our way through the summer!

Thanks to our friends at Booster Juice for keeping our boosters juiced!

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