Earlier this year, we asked our listeners “What Would You Be Willing To Do To See Aerosmith In Las Vegas?”, and you did not disappoint!

We had body waxers, stilt walkers and everything in between. Do you like tarantulas? Check out the full recap of what our listeners did to win their way on-board Flight 969 to Vegas.

Since our listeners did their part, it was time to do ours and on Tuesday, June 18th, it was wheels up to Sin City with 20 guests led by Jeff and Charis. We had a wedding, an engagement, tattoos, food, drinks, pools and AEROSMITH! This trip had it all. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, until now! Here is a brief declassification of what went down in Sin City.

They welcomed us to Vegas, but Vegas had no idea what it was in for.


As soon as we arrived in the 40 degree desert we were whisked on a tour of the Vegas Strip followed by a stop at the ‘Welcome To Las Vegas’ sign. After a quick photo op, it was off to the MGM Park to check in and get ready for our welcome reception. Imagine someone saying all the food you can eat and all you can drink for two hours … and GO!

Welcome reception at New York New York


We couldn’t have asked for a better group to experience Vegas with. Everyone on the trip immediately knew who everyone else was because of the contest and the videos so immediately it felt like one big family. You should be remembered for waxing your entire body or shaving half your heard right!? We met up for an all we could eat and drink reception at Urban Tom’s at New York New York. We still have nachos in our suitcase, think they’re still good?

The next morning, Jeff & Charis warmed everyone up for Aerosmith by hosting the group in a cabana at the pool.

As we walked into the venue for the show, we were greeted with the original Aerosmith touring van. The same one the band hit the road with when they first started, the same van that was just re-discovered last year. They had some pretty amazing merch, not as good as ours, but you could pick up a vintage shirt or something newer commemorating the Vegas residency.

The original Aerosmith van welcomed guests at the show. Check out the original logo!


As for the show itself, two hours of hits packed into a spectacle only Las Vegas could produce. From stilt walkers (no not Ken), and a robot woman, to the lights, sound and lasers. This show was Aerosmith on steroids. Check out the setlist below.

Aerosmith making a spectacle of themselves in Vegas. We were impressed.



“It was a slow beginning but built up to a killer end! The encore with my favourite Aerosmith song – Dream On – was the best part of the show. Steven Tyler on the piano and everyone singing was amazing. Actually, the sing-along to I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing was a close second to the best part of the show. SO fantastic. I didn’t even know I knew all the words to that song until I was singing it in Vegas. I also had no idea a 71-year-old could rock that much toplessness in one night on stage! Wow. Kudos to a band that has made it this far and can still put on a super fun rock show.”



Aerosmith was Charis approved!!

After three days of fun in the sun, they kicked us out. But not before one last group shot!! Enjoy more pics below!


Last group shot before boarding the flight home
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