Andrea Bocelli is a name known around the world for his opera stylings. He may very well have one of the finest and most silky smooth voices of our generation and he’s performing at Rogers Arena this June. His story has been with us for decades and almost every single square foot of his life has been detailed except for one juicy nugget. In an exclusive interview with JACK 96.9, he’s given us a few reasons to love him even more.

Duran Duran, really?

We figured we’d go outside the box and challenge his Duran Duran knowledge. We simply floated out there, what were his favourite double-D songs?

“They wrote many, which were hits over the years… Perhaps the most important one for me remains, at least in my memories, “Notorious”… as well as “Ordinary World” and “Wild Boys”, and many others.”

When asked who he’d love to do a duet with, he answered with “The Beatles”. We can’t even imagine how amazing that piece would be. When asked, who his favourite rock bands of the ’80s were? He came back with “the Rollings Stones, Pink Floyd and Queen.” Again, three classics and a perfectly answered question.


The same question every musician in Vancouver gets

It was then time to throw out the cliché “Vancouver question”. Every international star has to receive a local question at some point. It’s not a real entertainment interview otherwise. So we figured we’d go with, what is your favourite Vancouver destination?

“I don’t know it as well as I would like, but I am certain that it is all beautiful. It is no coincidence that it is known as one of the places where the quality of life is among the highest in the world. I appreciate its natural scenery, its wealth of art and its cultural program. I am particularly fascinated, like many others after all, by Stanley Park, with its lakes, forests, meadows and monuments.”


So to sum up. If you don’t get a chance to see Andrea at Rogers Arena this time around. There’s a half decent chance you may spot him somewhere in Stanley Park listening to Duran Duran.

That’s what we took from this interview anyhow.

Now here’s a photo of Andrea swimming. Enjoy the show, everybody!


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. …first swim of the season

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