If you’re an Elton John fan you probably know that Rocketman, a biopic about his extravagant, one-of-a-kind life, is due to hit theatres at the end of May. And since it’s hot on the heels of the Queen-themed smash Bohemian Rhapsody, anticipation is high (as a kite by then). Luckily for you, we recently bribed our way into a special sneak-peek screening and will be sharing some of our thoughts on the most anticipated biopic of 2019.

SPOILER ALERT: Elton was a ghost the entire time. Oops, wrong movie.


First off, this isn’t your standard biopic. It’s as much a musical as a biography, and for someone as over-the-top as Elton, the movie is equally flamboyant. Characters spontaneously break into song (not just Taron Eggerton’s spot-on, if a bit too handsome Elton), the sets and costumes are absolutely stunning and Elton’s impressive catalogue is masterfully re-arranged for the movie. Mark our words, Rocketman will be a Broadway musical someday.


The film plays quite fast and loose with facts, and Elton super-fans probably won’t be surprised by anything revealed in the movie. And if you go in expecting another Bohemian Rhapsody, prepare to be disappointed. The two movies are very different (much like the artists they profile). If we had to compare this movie to anything, it would be much more Mamma Mia than Bohemian Rhapsody. Either way, it is a great tribute to one the 20th century’s most unique stars and quite a celebration of Elton’s life in music.


Hats off to the costume designers, the actor who played Young Elton (he looks, acts and sounds spot-on) and Taron Eggerton, who many doubted could pull off a role like this (he sings all his parts himself too!)


Our favourite moment came near the very end. While we don’t want to spoil it, we’d suggest watching Elton John’s video for “I’m Still Standing” a couple of times before going to the movie on May 31.


And get ready, because if you haven’t already got your fill of music-themed biopics there are a lot more coming. Movies about Elvis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Janis Joplin, Journey and Dusty Springfield are all in various stages of development!


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