Look what these JACK 96.9 listeners did to WIN a trip for 2 to see Aerosmith in Vegas!!

We wanted to know how far you’d be willing to go to WIN a trip for 2 to Vegas to see Aerosmith and you came out in droves.

Thanks to Nutrl Vodka Soda “It’s not sweet. Not at all”.

We spent the morning walking close to 10km around the city with an 8′ Transformer. But could 56 year old Ken complete the challenge?


Could you eat an ultra rich cheesecake in under 30 minutes? Brad took the challenge and we’re skipping dessert tonight thanks.


When someone offers to shave half their head, you take them up on that offer! Congratulations Ann-Jolene!


Congratulations Gabe G. of Langley, our first qualifier! Check out what he was willing to do for Aerosmith!


Our super heroes stopped petty crime and cleaned up our town!

Ashley had to find a chorus of people to sing ‘Dream On’ with in public.

Lizsa has a HUGE fear of spiders. Well she met Gretchen, a large tarantula brought to us by Wild Education and Mike, The Reptile Guy.

Jaimee told us she’d wear a chicken suit and dance to “It’s A Small World After All” on repeat in public. We took her up on it.


Kevin is deathly afraid of heights so being as reasonable as we are, we took him to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. He hated every moment of it.