Have you read Motley Crue’s biography The Dirt? It’s probably the most brutally honest story of rags to riches in Rock ‘N’ Roll history and now it’s coming to a screen near you!

DISCLAIMER ALERT: If you’re about to break up with someone, make sure you save their Netflix password, you’re not going to want to miss this!

If you’ve ever wanted to see how Nikki Sixx got the inspiration for “Kickstart My Heart” and other amazing stories behind one of metal’s most famous bands, The Dirt will have you shaking your head yelling out loud, “How are these guys still alive!!?”

The Dirt is coming to Netflix March 22nd. We’ll be looking for the Vancouver cameos!

JACK FACT: Motley Crue has a colourful history in Vancouver. They recorded one of their biggest albums “Dr. Feelgood” here at Little Mountain Studios on West 7th Ave (Aerosmith, AC/DC & KISS recorded there as well). The guys flew up from L.A. and refused to record a single note until their custom chopper bikes were shipped up here. When they finally arrived, Tommy Lee jumped onto his while it was still in the back of the semi, and ripped off down the sidewalk of West 7th and didn’t return for a couple days.

Check out the trailer for The Dirt below!

(Warning: Content NSFW)

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