The living rock god that is Dave Grohl continues to prove that he is the best. The latest example of Dave’s coolness didn’t even involve music; it involved his passion for good ol’ barbeque!


The Foo Fighter frontman recently stopped by Fire Station 73 in Los Angeles, California with his Backbeat Barbeque food truck in tow. DG cooked up some of his famous brisket for the hungry firefighters, a delicacy that he mastered a few years back while recovering from a broken leg.


As you can see from the photo below, the firefighters were rightly stoked to get served by rock royalty after a week of intense work saving as many people, animals and property from the wrath of the California wildfires.



Dave has also been spotted at some other fire stations in California, barbeque truck in tow. What a great gesture by one of the most down to earth people in the entire music industry.


Way to go Dave!

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