We knew it, JACK listeners are the best.

In case you need proof, here are a few photos that were sent to us of the best Halloween costumes out there!

First was Rhonda with a truly amazing black and white sophisticated witch look! We were automatically enchanted!

Then we had Enrique, who definitely stole the show with his awesome stormtrooper suit!

If you are not impressed yet, this next one will definitely steal your heart. This little kid was the cutest dinosaur EVER.

His mom also showed off her costume by playing a great Wonder Woman!

Tracey also was spot on with her Ghost of Retail past idea! All we can say is: LOL.

Meanwhile, Debbie from Chilliwack literally rocked Halloween, she was an impressive Alice Cooper!

And last but not least we have a mother-son duo that killed it! Tammy dressed up as Harley Quinn and of course, none other than Batman.

Thanks for sharing! We can’t wait to see what awesome costumes you wear next year.

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