Popular antique hunters Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe from American Pickers got quite the surprise when they found an iconic piece of rock and roll history: the original van used by Aerosmith.

The pair found the 1964 van in Massachusetts during one of the show’s episodes. The rusty vehicle was found behind a farm in Chesterfield.

“When I first saw that van, I thought it was pretty cool,” said Phil, the owner of the land where the van was found.

WATCH: American Pickers find abandoned van

Phil had had the van for about 10 years, but wasn’t sure if it was authentic.

“If we can somehow prove that this is Aerosmith’s first van, the condition goes out the door,” host Mike said. The show managed to authenticate the van after one of the original band members drove to the farm and confirmed that was indeed theirs.

Mike and Franks managed to buy it for $25,000.

“If you had the opportunity, to buy one of the biggest, most iconic pieces of rock and roll history for 25 grand, hell yes you would,” Mike said.

WATCH: American Pickers confirm van’s authenticity 

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