“Walk This Way” (the Aerosmith / Run-D.M.C. version) helped rejuvenate the band’s career and also gets credit for being one of the first appearances of Hip-Hop on the mainstream musical landscape. It’s a go-to party jam and one you can be sure to hear on both JACK Up The ’80s and the Saturday Night House Party with Kenny. But we’re guessing you’ve never quite heard it THIS WAY!


Aerosmith was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and they joined Jimmy and The Roots to perform their iconic song.. but with a twist. They all used classroom instruments! Shakers, xylophones, ukuleles, recorders, clappers, tambourines, wood blocks, pretty much all the instruments of your elementary school music class are represented.


Just look how much fun they’re all having… they really do seem like a bunch of big kids!


And once again, Aerosmith prove that they are one of America’s greatest Rock bands.

What was your go-to classroom instrument? We’re totally team Triangle.

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