25 years ago today, The X-Files premiered on Fox. The supernatural TV classic filmed its first five seasons in Vancouver, as well as the rebooted 10th and 11th seasons, and if you look closely you can spot our beautiful city all throughout the show. If you’ve lived in Vancouver for the past 25 years, you’ve probably got your own X-Files tale. Maybe you saw Gillian Anderson ordering a coffee or almost ran over David Duchovny while he was crossing the street? Maybe you worked on the show or know someone who did? Or maybe you just loved following Scully and Mulder in their relentless pursuit of the truth? No matter what your connection to the show, it has become a piece of Vancouver pop culture history.


In honour of the iconic show, check out our photo gallery of the X-Files and Vancouver!


For more amazing pictures of how the X-Files and Vancouver intersect, check out the amazing work done over on fangirlquest.com, where they have created a handy map of filming locations and even screenframed some scenes, like this:

The X-Files Filming Location: North Van Cemetary courtesy fangirlquest.com


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