Seinfeld lasted 169 episodes and considering it’s a show about nothing, it really did have so much going on. Trying to pick a top 6 is like trying to name a favourite child, you have one, you just can’t say it out loud and as soon as you do, another one comes along that reminds you of why you love it so much.

So, here are our Top 6 Seinfeld episodes, in no particular order. And don’t ask us in a month, the list could change 😉

The Hamptons

This episode gave us a new term, “Shrinkage” after poor George was caught with his shorts down following a swim in the pool. This episode is “breathtaking”, if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what we mean. Poor George just can’t catch a break in this episode, even though he catches a tomato in the face… at least “it’s a Hampton tomato, you can eat it like an apple”!

The Calzone

This may or may not make your list, but it does boast some of Michael Richards top comedic moments. Kramer roasting his clothes in a pizza oven after becoming addicted to putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer until he runs out of quarters. He attempts to pick up calzones at Paisano’s for George and Mr. Steinbrenner after George is banned from their favourite place for “stealing tips”. Kramer’s interaction with the pizza owner is priceless, or if it’s worth anything, only paper money … bills …. no coins will be accepted. This episode also features the debut of Todd Gak.


Marine Biologist

Over the course of 169 episodes, George told a lot of lies. The one he told an old high-school flame about being a Marine Biologist might be the greatest of all. Kramer spends his days hitting golf balls into the ocean and well, you might be able to see where I’m going from there. The highlight is the final scene, “The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli…” check it out below.


The Chicken Roaster

Kenny Rogers moves into the neighbourhood with his “Kenny Rogers Roasters” restaurant. The blinding neon light distracts Kramer to the point he and Jerry swap apartments (and even lives, albeit temporarily). Kramer is so against the restaurant, until he gets hooked on the taste…


The Merv Griffin Show

Everything goes south in this episode. George has a “social contract” with pigeons and he ends up caring for a wounded squirrel, Kramer turns his apartment into the set of a TV talk-show, Elaine almost loses her job because of a box of Tic Tacs, and Jerry drugs his girlfriend so he can play with her collection of vintage toys. The highlight though is Jerry, Elaine, and George watching George’s childhood home movies and finding out that George was having his diaper changed until he was 8 years old.


The Contest

After George sends his mother to the hospital over an “incident” with a Glamour magazine, Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine bet who can be “Master Of Their Domain” the longest. Jerry is dating a virgin, Elaine has a JFK Jr. obsession and all the while, they’re distracted by a naked woman across the street. So much comedy is packed into this episode making it one of my all-time favs.


Honourable mentions go out to The Limo, Fusilli Jerry, The Puffy Shirt. The Opposite, The Muffin Tops, Gum, The Alternate Side (“These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty”) and The Soup Nazi.


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