Growing up it was the Red Wings, the Pistons, the Lions and Tigers. DETROIT SPORTS was where it was at! However, soccer was something that didn’t get my attention. In 1994 I attended a World Cup match at the Pontiac Silverdome and didn’t really care. I was there for the snacks!


Then at a house party, many years ago, I met my best friend Jason! He was dating one of my coworkers. I knew three things about the guy. First, he was a Toronto Maple Leaf fan – strike 1. Second, he loved soccer – strike 2. Third, he had an Iron Maiden shirt on – the only thing that saved him!I remember my wife saying… “Talk to that guy. He hardly knows anyone and he likes Iron Maiden”. I headed over and well, truth is, he became my best friend and always will be! He stood beside me when I got married and he is Uncle Jason to my kids.


What the heck does this have to do with soccer and the World Cup? Well, Jason is a first generation Canadian via Portugal. His mom and dad were born in Peniche, just north of Lisbon! I loved when Jason would tell me stories about his culture and homeland. I loved to see Jason speak Portuguese with his mom and dad… It was too cool! The best was when he would translate what all the Brazilian MMA fighters were saying!


And when it came to soccer, Portugal was a great team to cheer for! Because of Jason’s passion for the team, I have since grown the same passion! I want the team to win at all costs… not for my happiness but for my friend and his family!


Soccer fans know that Portugal is home to the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo and this will most likely be his last World Cup so it’s a big one! Also, we can’t forget about Euro 2016 (They won it all). So don’t count out the crew from Portugal. I should say Jason always told me not to get lost in the hype that is Ronaldo but I did! You can’t help it and you can’t help getting sucked up into the World Cup! I remember driving with Jason to a small Portuguese bakery in Edmonton during the 2006 World Cup. He was flying the Portuguese car flag and getting all the people to honk! You can’t help but fall into the spirit of it all!


So, do I understand the game? Nope! Do I love the game? Nope! Do I wish it was a more high scoring sport? Yes! But I watch with hope and pride that my friend will see his homeland win!


Side note…First time I took Jason to a Whitecaps game I would not let him wear his TFC shirt. When it comes to the MLS he bleeds Toronto and for that he can SUCK IT!!! LOL
As always Love your Face and Viva La Portugal!!!

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