Well, the calendar might say summer does not officially start until Thursday, June 21 but the vibe in the city and the valley is definitely that of SUMMER!


When I moved away from Vancouver, my wife and I would lay in bed at night and discuss the things we neglected to do when we lived here. When we moved back we promised, come hell or high water, we were not going to waste any days inside on Netflix. We would save Netflix for down times! So far we have managed to keep our promise to ourselves. That being said, I was asked to write a blog on six things that are perfect for a summers day! Strap in! This list is good for everyone!


1 – Get a drone!

You can buy them cheap and its hours of fun spent outside! I have been getting better and better at flying my drone. It’s not as easy as you would think! However, my son picked up the controls and flew like he was in the army! There are so many amazing spots to safely fly a drone so good luck. If you take any cool drone footage, pop it on the JACK facebook page.



2 – Go find some ice cream!

When you have exhausted all ideas on a fun/cheap thing to do Google “ice cream” and get in the car. You can’t deny ice cream is always fun!


3 – Patio beers!

Full discloser, I am not a beer drinker but patio conversation with friend’s rules! And you can have chicken wings! Again, google will help you find a great spot that will keep you entertained.


4 – Go to the local skate park and try it!

The skatepark by my house is a hotbed of cool stuff. You are guaranteed to see a bit of everything from Dads reliving there Tony Hawk dreams, to scooter kids and BMX bike action. It’s also a perfect spot to bring your drone!


5 – Coffee walk with a friend!

Most lists like this would say “hiking.” Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I love hiking but that’s a year-round thing and some people just don’t want to get that into it! The coffee walk, however, is a different thing altogether. Find a trail that is perfect for a stroll. Grab some Starbucks or Tim Hortons and enjoy a cup of joe on the path as opposed to your regular spot!


Kenny coffee walk


6 – Paddle Boarding!

My wife and I started paddle boarding together a few years ago.  We found that as our kids got older they were getting into their own lives so we needed to do the same!  We started renting paddle boards because it’s fun and easy. This year we made the leap and purchased our own! So we intend on spending our weekends on the water!

Kenny paddleboarding


So that’s a starter…If you have any ideas please add to the list and let me know on Twitter > @KennyOnJACK
And if you need more long weekend inspiration you can follow along on the JACK Instagram page this Saturday… everyone is going away for the weekend so I’m taking over!


And, as always, I LOVE YOUR FACE!


~ Kenny

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