Mom’s are the best! They offer the best hugs, the best advice, the best smiles, the list could go on and on and on! So to celebrate all things Mom this Mother’s Day, I’m busting out my list of the 6 best TV Moms!

Which Mom do you most identify with? Who’s your favourite? Was there someone I missed?

Strap in here we go…


Marge Simpson

What can you say bad about Marge? She deals with Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie like a champ! She loves like no other and always finds the good in everyone and all situations! Also, if you had to give an award for the best mom hairstyle, Marge brings home the gold!



Peg Bundy

Quick wit with the ability to make leopard-print pants both funny and sexy! She loves Al, Bud and Kelly just as much as she loves smokes, bonbons and Oprah. She is the mom you wanna party with or give you a pep talk after you get fired from a part-time job! Tell me I’m wrong on this one…I dare ya! Peg rocks!


Estelle Costanza

Seinfeld would not be the greatest show ever without George and, let’s face it, George would not be George without Estelle. She is the mom everyone wishes wasn’t their mom… but rather their hilarious aunt! You kind of want her around but not too much 😉 And that voice… it’s the perfect amount of annoyance!



Louise Jefferson

Louise is kind-hearted but don’t mess with Weezie. Louise was the only one who could really handle George; as much as they bickered they truly loved each other! To be honest, I have a special spot in my heart for Louise Jefferson because she was quite sensitive about her asthma and my wife has asthma as well. Weird, I know!


Claire Dunphy

So I am torn on this one because I kind of think Claire is mean to Phil and doesn’t really deserve him. That being said, the actress that plays Claire – Julie Bowen – once played Virginia Venit who ended up dating Happy Gilmore, the GREATEST GOLFER of all time, so by default Clair gets into this blog!


Shirley Partridge

What do I need to say? She is a rock and roll hippy mom! Plus she had to teach Danny Bonaduce how to shred on the bass and she could parallel park a school bus. Skills!


So there is our list of the six coolest TV Moms. Who would you add and who would you take out? Hit me up on all the socials @KennyonJACK


And If you are a mom, know that you ROCK!! I hope you have a kick-ass Mother’s Day!


Love your face! ~ Kenny

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