I love horror movies and always have. Unfortunately, I was always scared to watch certain movies for fear of having nightmares and being alone in the middle of the night. But then I met my wife and figured, “Hey, I’m good to go!” So over the years I went back and watched a lot of the movies that scared me as a kid.
And let me tell you … I cannot believe some of this stuff scared me!
Some of the horror movies from my youth were downright funny — not scary. There’s the bad CG, the over-acting, the cheesy score and the overdone characters.


Here’s a few of those movies that fall into this category:

1- Children of the Corn … OHHHH baby! In grade school this movie hit the video stores and all the kids would tell of its ability to seep into your soul and cripple you with fear…Nope, it’s just AWFUL! Just watch the trailer.. trust me, it’s laughable!


2- Child’s Play – My sister had a My Buddy Doll and I was sure it was going to rise up and kill me in my sleep! This was all because of the movie Child’s Play. Truth be told, I could just kick the thing in the head…and movie over! Right?!

I Cannot Believe That Scared Me


3- A Nightmare on Elm Street – Great concept but, oh my goodness, time did not do this movie well! It’s pretty cheesy. I can still recite the nursery rhyme —-

1, 2 Freddie’s coming for you
3, 4 better lock your door
5, 6 grab your crucifix
7, 8 gonna stay up late!

Good times …Not!


4- The Dentist – Ohhh man this one was the worst. I was scared of going to the dentist to begin with, but this movie made the fear explode tenfold. Until I watched it! Some of the best over-acting of all time! A must watch! Corbin Bernsen is an amazing actor. Just watch Major League — But this character was pure cheese.


5- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – Let’s be honest, the first was remarkable, a classic. The rooboots were well done and the modern CG made it even better but in 1986 part 2 was pretty campy! I feel like I could have put Leatherface in an arm bar— Like Ronda Rowsey! Again, movie over!

And, to wrap this up…When I was researching a few of the films, I noticed many people claim the Gremlins was a horror movie. I just don’t see it. So I leave you with two things – One, did this list bring back any memories and two, is Gremlins a horror movie?

As always, I love your FACE!

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