When you were a kid did you get an allowance for doing standard household chores?

Me… not a chance! The closest thing to allowance I received was my parents “allowing” me to help with yard work and such!  As a kid, I hated it! I wanted to be paid. It seemed like a great deal – cash for chores and then I never had to explain myself or make a case for why I needed the latest CD or pack of hockey cards.

Fast forward 25 years and my kids are asking for an allowance but, unlike 14 year old me, I agreed with my parents.  “You are a member of this family and you should pitch in. If you need money simply make your case and let’s get on with it!”


I was recently discussing this with a buddy the other day, and I came to find out that he is giving an allowance to his kids and I have to tell you, I tossed some shade at him when he told me the family’s agreement!


His kids get $20 dollars a week in exchange for:

– Clearing the table and drying dishes after all dinners.

– Keeping their room clean and vacuumed once a week.

– Bathroom scrubbed once a week.

– Picking up after Milo the family dog… yep, poop patrol once a week.


He’s ripping his kids off!!

Look, I do agree that everyone should contribute to keep the house clean. That said, if you’re going the allowance route, you have to teach the kids that wages matter! The poop patrol alone is worth 20 bucks, and throw in scrubbing a toilet and you have to be at least around 50 a week! I tell you, those kids just might get a call from good old Uncle Kenny to tell them they might wanna go on strike and demand a higher wage!


So, I ask you:



As always, love your face!!

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