Tone Loc, the man who gave us Funky Cold Medina and Wild Thing, is turning 52 this week. Did you know his real name is Anthony Terrell Smith? Just something to put in your memory bank so you can toss out some useless facts at a party!

But truth be told,Tone Loc’s birthday is really not the reason for this blog. It’s merely a fact that started a discussion in the halls of JACK 969 HQ.


The discussion went like this:

“Oh, I dragged my wife to a Tone Loc concert at a dive bar in Fort McMurray days before she gave birth to my daughter.”

True story I remember it like it was yesterday!

We were living in this 2 bedroom apartment and barley had enough money to buy a pizza but somehow I managed to score free tickets to the Tone Loc concert! We were also currently on baby watch (like it could have happened at any moment kind of baby watch)! So, after a lengthy conversation on how awesome it would be to hear Funky Cold Medina live, we thought, if my wife went into labour, at least our child could say she heard that song live! I mean the ’80s were over, how many more opportunities would there be to see a true rap icon like Tone Loc live?


It’s funny to think of how irresponsible that was…going to a dive bar with 300 people drinking and singing when my wife was already 4 days overdue!


I remember my wife saying “Ohhh man this kid is going crazy in my belly!” Being a small club and a show that was extremely heavy on BASS, I’m sure little unborn Piper was defiantly bumpin’ around! I also remember being positive Piper was a boy and her name was going to be Eric!


Long story short, the show ended and Piper still waited 3 days before making her grand entrance! But to this day, I can’t hear Tone Loc’s music without smiling and thinking how great that night was! To be honest, I don’t even really remember the concert. I just remember looking at my wife smiling and chair dancing along with that glow that only a pregnant lady can have! Side note – the opening act at the show was Canadian hip hop star Snow! It was a great night!


I know that JACK 969 Listeners love concerts! So I have to ask, what concert did your unborn child attend.





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