Close your eyes and take a trip down memory lane…The year is 1987… What comes to your mind?

Is it the fashion? The music? The political landscape? Or the movies!

Ohhh the movies…
Thirty years ago one of the greatest movies ever hit the big screen. It was about a dad and the pursuit of a quality, meaningful and respectful relationship with his estranged son. Also, it was about transport trucks and arm wrestling! YES!!!! Cinema’s greatest offering of cheesiness….”Over the Top!”

I loved that movie and Rambo could do no wrong. What’s funny is that in my household Sylvester Stallone was only known as Rambo!The string of movies he gave us in the ’80s was simply the best.


If you go back and watch many of these films you can’t deny that they were a tad over-acted and the special effects weren’t as good as they are today, but they showed the world what a great popcorn flick was!

Here’s a list of my favorite ’80s movies, that in today’s environment would be off-the-chart in the cheesiness department:

1. Teen Wolf: Michael J Fox’s best work if you ask me! Many years ago I walked into a bar that had the framed movie poster and I still regret offering to buy it!


2. The Karate Kid: Come on, it’s the greatest coming of age movie of all time. Years ago I had my family watch the original and almost cried when my son finished the movie and said, “Sorry dad, that’s a lame movie.”


3. Commando: 1985 would not have been complete without the release of this gem! If you have not seen it…I weep for you!


The ’80s had hundreds of great movies but non contained the level of cheese that these 3 possessed…soo cheesy, but oh soo good!

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