The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Giant. A new documentary on the French professional wrestler is on the way.

Andre the Giant
(Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images)


The HBO documentary will take a closer look at André René Roussimoff and his life in the limelight as “literally the biggest celebrity in the world”.

The trailer highlights his career as a professional wrestler, with interviews from Hulk Hogan who he famously took on at WrestleMania III in 1987, and Billy Crystal, who stars in the movie My Giant, which was based on Andre. The first look at the doc also shows some of the darker moments in Andre’s life, like his trouble with alcohol and the physical pain he endured from gigantism.


Andre passed away on January 27, 1993 from congestive heart failure.

The documentary will air on HBO on April 10, 2018.


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