I have been a massive fan of the Cure since I was 10 years old. I love the band, the music, the image, the history, the sound and I just can’t get enough information on what the band is doing. My kids, on the other hand…

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My kids couldn’t care less! When Liam (my eldest) was young I would play Cure records as we wrestled and did the father-son thing. He never truly bit. But as he grew to a teenager he, like his mom, definitely supported my love of the band, but he only listens because he loves me! Piper (my youngest) was on the fence. She tries to listen from time to time but again, I believe it’s out of love. However, she says Robert Smith was “cute” in the late 70s.

Why am I writing this? Well the other day I was out for a run and I got to thinking. What Cure song is the perfect introductory tune? What song will hook a new fan? What tune will make someone want to explore the band more? At first I thought, you could pick the biggest hits. For example, songs like “Friday, I’m In Love”, “Love Song” or “Close to Me.” But that’s too easy. Then I thought deep cuts, but that could be a turn-off until a bond is formed.

I settled on a song from the band’s 1987 release Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (or as true fans call it, Kiss Me 3) The song is called “Catch” It’s fun, pop-y and just the right amount of subdued punk-rock. Check it out and let me know. Does this song make you want to dig deeper?



Do your kids like your favourite band? How did that happen? When it comes to your favourite band, what is that one song that you would use to sell a new fan with?

I tried a few introductory tunes on my daughter Piper to try and make a new fan of some great JACK artists…check out the attempt!



Until next time, Love your face!

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