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Ok let’s just get this out of the way …

I can’t listen to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” without a bit of a quiver lip. Yeah, a quiver lip. It’s what happens a nano second before your eyes begin to water up. Not a full on cry, just water up a little.

You can see the quiver lip in action one hundred percent of the time when the following happens:
1 – I tell my daughter that she has hit the months data limit on her cell and she is cut off from Youtube and Spotify days before the end of the month.

2- You see an SPCA TV commercial with Sarah McLachlan.

3- Someone calls dibs on the last slice of pizza before you do.

4- Your Dad puts a hand on your shoulder looks at you and says “Son, I’m proud of you.”

5- The intro of “My Heart Will Go” on starts.

Whether you hate the song or not, you cannot deny the story of Jack and Rose, floating in the Atlantic moments before Jack slips away to his icy death, isn’t riveting. Yeah that’s right, a BLOG about TITANIC!!



It was on this day 20 years ago Titanic sailed into theatres. (See what I did there? — “sailed in” — #NailedIt)

Not only was it some of the coolest CGI to come out of Hollywood, it was a great story. It had great characters, great acting and JC!! Come on, James Camron is truly one of the best. Titanic is also one of the greatest ice breaker topics. (Did it again — “Ice Breaker” — #NailedIt) What I mean is, any social situation, when the conversation hits a stagnate point just toss out, “So, you think Rose and Jack could have taken turns on that floating door?” It will spark an instant debate. Did Jack really have to die?

It’s a kick ass movie! Side note….My wife is rolling her eyes at me because she disagrees. But she’s a Star Wars nerd so her thoughts on Titanic are blurred!

Happy 20th Titanic and I leave you with these 3 questions:

1. Where did you first see Titanic?
2. Do you love it?
3. Did Jack have to die?

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