From gold suits to confetti cannons, to the reverberating drum beat in your chest cavity, The Killers played Thunderbird Arena and smashed it!

The Killers
Photo courtesy @RobLoud//Instagram


No matter if you’ve seen The Killers live once or several times over, they do not disappoint! The band has incredible energy, and frontman Brandon Flowers knows how to rock a room. They hit all the crowd pleasing favourites like “Somebody Told Me”, “Human”, “Mr. Brightside” and “All These Things That I’ve Done” – which included a roaring chant from the audience “I GOT SOUL, BUT I’M NOT A SOLDIER.”



Highly engaged with the audience, Brandon Flowers told stories, and even called an audience member on stage to play the piano chords while he took the mic. Multiple songs left the crowd covered in confetti, and the encore came complete with a wardrobe change by Flowers into a head-to-toe gold suit and a waterfall of sparklers.



All this to say, The Killers put on a pretty rad performance, and if you get the chance, go see ’em!

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