Before we really dive into this blog post I should start by telling you about DRock… DRock is Devyn, and Devyn is the lady who makes JACK shine on the interwebs.  Now, when DRock walked into the JACK control room with a pink Polaroid camera I knew she had some sort of a project in mind!
She started by asking me to open the camera roll on my phone and look at how many photos I had.

1289 to be exact.

And of the 1289….

233 were selfies of my wife and I.
274 were my kids.
192 were my dogs.
617 random pictures of concerts, adventures, sporting events, food and goats (my wife wants a goat so she constantly sends me cute goat photos).

That’s a lot of photos.

Some are super important to me, some are funny to me and the majority of them are just there because….well, I haven’t been given a notification that I’m running low on storage!

Back to the pink Polaroid Camera! DRock asked me, if I was only able to shoot 5 photos what would they be of?

First thing I thought was, “Wow, up until 10 years ago, before digital cameras were a thing, this was the way we captured memories.” You could have had a professional photographer do the work or you pointed, clicked and hoped for a good shot. There was no 233 selfies, no boomerang, no valencia, no edit button, no filter, no uploading, no instagram… just point, click and hope!

DRock handed me the camera and said you have 1 week and 5 shots and this is what I came up with!


Photo 1 was a moment when both my kids were in the kitchen doing homework. I quietly grabbed DRock’s camera and boom!


Photo 2 is my dog Gus. (Gus is a girl)


Photo 3 is my other dog Gomez and this photo is one where I definitely would have deleted because his eyes look evil.


Photo 4 is an attempt at a selfie with my wife E. This pic would have been reattempted 22 times if I had used my phone!


Photo 5… I think my finger was on something it shouldn’t have been on. And again, another photo where a delete button would have come in handy.



So I went 2 for 5 on photos that actually kinda worked out.
Now I ask you… if you had to do this project what would you shoot? Oh ya, and bonus points if you tweet me with how many photos you have on your phone right now.
Love your face!



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