Watch as a group of kids react to hearing one of the greatest rock bands! From “Killer Queen” to “Bohemian Rhapsody” these youngsters share their hilarious reactions to listening to Queen!

Kids React to Queen
Via FBE YouTube


Although at first there’s some mixed reactions to the band’s music, by the end of the listening experiment most of the kids, aged 6-13, admit to having heard Queen before, and actually really enjoy the music! … No surprise here!

Our favourite parts are when Sydey, pictured above, freaks out upon hearing the first couple of tracks, and exclaims “QUEEN IS AMAZING! If you ask me, ‘who’s your favourite artist?’ I will say Freddie Mercury…because…he is like…a God!” It’s also pretty great to see the nearly unanimously confused reaction to the lyrics of “Fat Bottom Girls”!

Watch this:



If you have kids, do they listen to classic rock? Think they would recognize the music from Queen? Let us know!


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