Is there such a thing as bad pizza? My short answer is NOPE! Cold, day old, piping hot, or uber fresh, no matter how you slice it, pizza rules.

See what I did there? “ No matter how you slice it…”



I was born in Windsor, Ontario – The city was based on automotive manufacturing and prides itself as the birthplace of Shania Twain and the best. damn. pizza. on the face of Earth. As I grew up and moved west to Alberta I quickly realized every city says they have the best in the world because pizza, I think, is more of a state of mind.

Be it a drunkin slice on Granville after a night of clubbing, a team celebration with a few pies or quick easy dinner for a tired family after a long day of work, pizza is always there and rarely is a let down.

In the last few years, have you noticed the internet has come under many firestorms over Hawaiian pizza? Pineapple, yea or nay? Truthfully, what you put on ‘za is your own business and I promise to judge silently. Ultimately if a slice is offered, I’m all over it like a grandma on a game of canasta.

So why the pizza talk?

Well the other day, as my family sat down to crush a few grease wheels (the term for pizza we used when I was in college) we started to discuss what is YOUR za?

If your name was given to a style of pizza and it became known globally, what would be on it?

For example, if you called Dominos and ordered a large Kenny, you would get a thin crust, sauce, light cheddar, pepperoni and onion…. that’s it!

So, what’s on your pizza?

Last night we did made our own pizzas at my house, check it out!


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