Radiohead fans are convinced that pop sensation Sam Smith has ripped off one of the band’s most iconic songs!

Radiohead and Sam Smith
Courtesy: @samsmithworld/Instagram, @radiohead/Instagram


Sam Smith recently released his second studio album called The Thrill Of It All that includes a song called “Midnight Train”, and it didn’t take long for Radiohead fans to notice the similarities between Sam Smith’s new track and the 1992 hit “Creep”.

According to some, “It has the same rhythm, the same basic chord structure, the same verse-to-chorus dynamics, and even a similar tremolo-laden guitar pattern.”

Take a listen and judge for yourself!




In another recent case, Sam Smith and Tom Petty settled out of court for similarities between Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down“. Tom Petty was given song writing credit and royalties.



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