So, for some strange random reason, growing up in Windsor, Ontario in the mid ’90s, many of us from the Automotive Capital of Canada decided country music superstar, Shania Twain, was OURS! She was our mid-sized city’s own hero. When in fact, she was born in Windsor but Timmins, Ontario is where she was raised.


So why did we take ownership of her massive success? Was it the fact that she’s the only female artist in history to have three consecutive albums reach diamond status? Was it that Detroit was the birthplace of Motown and Windsor, being five minutes away, needed to brag about something as well?

I do know that some amazing musicians were born and raised in the 519 area code — Great bands like the Tea Party and EDM pioneer Marc Houle. But for some reason it always felt like the city hung their hat on the fact that Shania was in town for a cup of coffee.

Now head west and stop in Vancouver, our home! The list of amazing bands and musicians is long … like really long. Let’s start a list.

Spirt of the West
The Payolas
Doug and the Slugs

And that’s just off the top of my head. Forget typing “Famous bands and musicians from Vancouver” in Google. The list would be massive and hipsters could add thousands of cool undiscovered bands to the list as well.


But if you had to hitch your Vancouver wagon to one band, what band would it be?

You have to pick one, just one. So take a deep breath and make a pick. Feel the pressure! It’s tough!


Wow! I feel like I just voted in a federal election. For some crazy reason, I feel like I should not tell anyone who I voted for. It’s actually a very personal question! Am I going crazy?!

This is a question that both makes my heart swell with pride but then I feel shame that I was not born here so do I even get a vote?
Anyway, as always, I LOVE YOUR FACE!

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BTW … I voted Spirit of the West.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

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