It wasn’t easy getting to the big shows from Victoria. Securing tickets was a task. Organizing the trip and coming up with the cash was tough. I wasn’t going to miss the Stones in 1989 though. I Had to take some extra shifts at Swiss Chalet to get the scratch. But the “Steel Wheels Tour” was at BC Place with Living Color opening up for 2 shows, and I was at the first one.

Steel Wheels Tour


Four of us hopped on the PCL bus, took the ferry to the mainland, checked into the hotel, grabbed a bite and hit the show. Our seats weren’t bad, and BC Place was known for bad acoustics. But The Stones came out strong though and sounded great.

What better way to open than with “Start Me Up”. I’m a huge fan of the early blues inspired stuff. “Midnight Rambler”, “Little Red Rooster”, “Paint it Black” filled the middle of the set list.

It’s tough to comprehend how many great songs the Stones have, but here’s the last six songs they played at the show:

Sympathy for the Devil

Gimme Shelter

It’s Only Rock and Roll

Brown Sugar


Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Looking at the set list takes me right back.  I can see the stage, Keith’s headband. Mick’s strut. I’ve seen The Rolling Stones since but you never forget your first.

After the show we hit Richards on Richards because that’s what you did when you came to Vancouver barely of age. It was anticlimactic at the time but part of the experience. Back to the hotel for a short sleep then up early to get on the bus and head back to Victoria. What they played, what they didn’t consumed the conversation.

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Were You are the "Steel Wheels Tour" at BC Place in 1989?

Originally Aired: November 2, 2017

I haven’t figured out if these musical anniversaries make me feel old because it puts a number on the memory or young because it takes me back to when I was young. It doesn’t really matter. Triggering the good time experience is great!

Were you at the concert? What did you think? Let me know on Twitter!

~Michael Kuss

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