Roger Waters might only be half of Pink Floyd (and he might be almost 75 years old) but as anyone who was at Rogers Arena over the last two nights will tell you, Roger Waters ROCKS! The creative genius just keeps on producing world-class Rock shows and witnessing one of his epic concerts is an experience unlike any other arena show. What makes it so special? How about:

  • Pink Floyd Hits! Sure Roger was touring on behalf of his new album Us + THEM but he knows what the fans REALLY want to hear and see… classic Floyd! Roger kept everyone happy, firing up the crowd with favourites such as “Breath”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Pigs”, “Money” and “Comfortably Numb”. Check out the beginning of “Another Brick in the Wall” below:
  • Flying Pigs and Remote-Control Moons!! Roger and his creative team have made the most out of the drone era and they had two flying balloons making the rounds: a giant pig emblazoned with images of the polarizing President and a giant moon! Deployed during “Pigs” and “Eclipse” respectively, the only thing missing from the giant inflatable flyers was Roger Waters concert merch dropping from them like at a hockey game.
  • A floating Battersea Power Station!!! Famous as the building on the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals, the decommissioned coal power station was brought back to life courtesy an amazing floating setup that stretched down the middle of Rogers Arena. It made its appearance after the first intermission and was incredible use of modern projection technology, especially when the individual screens began moving in perfect sequence of the music. The visuals were incredible!
  • Don’t mess with these kids!!!! You can’t do a rendition of “Another Brick in the Wall” without some children. Who else would deliver the epic line “We Don’t Need No Education”? Well a bunch of local kids got the chance to perform in front of a packed Rogers Arena and they didn’t disappoint. The highlight was when they removed their prison uniforms to reveal RESIST t-shirts and proceeded to dance around on stage. Such a great moment for those kids! Check ’em out:

  • His background singers!!!!! His backup singers were INCREDIBLE. Our music director Googled them during the show, that’s how excited he was to learn more about the talented duo. The two vocalists are professionally known as Lucius and we could listen to them sing for days on end. Check out their live performance from KEXP Seattle’s Concert Series taken back in 2014. So talented!


We’re probably missing something, it was such a spectacle that it was hard at times to keep track of everything that was going on. As far as bang for your buck is concerned, you can do much worse than paying money for a Roger Waters production. The sound was loud, seemed to be coming from every direction and sounded crisp like a fall day. The light and video show were mesmerizing. His band was tight like a drum and most importantly, Roger Waters sounded great.


This truly was a great show for Pink Floyd fans young and old and judging by the range of ages we saw in attendance, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd continue to resonate with music fans of any age.


What part of the epic show did you enjoy most? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.




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