Let’s start by saying, without a doubt, Dave Gahan is amazing! He is a truly top notch rock n’ roll front man. If you attended the sold out Depeche Mode show at Rogers Arena you cannot disagree! You will also know that it was INCREDIBLY HOT in the arena last night!

Depeche Mode


The way Gahan moves on stage, is on par with the likes of Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury and even Elvis! He commanded the stage like he was captaining a great ship crushing it’s way through the cosmos on hyper drive!

I kept turning to my wife and saying, “How does an aging ex-heroine addict do what he is doing?!” We were both truly amazed. To think, at one point in the mid ’90s, Dave Gahan was headed down a dark path, and now, in 2017 he’s singing like he did in the early ’80s.



If you went to the show expecting all the hits you might have left a bit disappointed. However, Dave Gahan is the type of lead that could sing the phonebook off-key and still hold the attention of 17 thousand strong! Bonus points for his Bono style shout outs, “Vancouver!” You couldn’t help but smile.

As for the set list, it was a bit of everything covering the band’s amazing catalogue. Song of the night for me was “Where’s the Revolution” from the new album “Spirit”. To be honest, it really had me thinking of the messed up situation with US politics!


“Where’s the revolution
Come on, people
You’re letting me down
Where’s the revolution
Come on, people
You’re letting me down”


I have to address the heat…. it was sweltering in the arena! So much so, I asked Patti, working the door at Rogers Arena, “WTF??” She told me that the band had requested the heat be cranked in the arena and boy was it ever! As she said, “The ‘Nucks will need to practice on roller blades.” I did not realize when a band tours, they control the thermostat!

All and all, an amazing Wednesday night in October! If you would have asked me 2 minutes before Depeche Mode hit the stage I would have said “We’re lucky, this could be the last tour” but from the first note to the final song you know this band has got so much left to give!

I love your face!

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