If you grew up in the ’80s, chances are you’ve seen Dirty Dancing. And with over 32 million copies sold worldwide (over 1 million in Canada alone), there’s a good chance you’ve heard the Dirty Dancing soundtrack too. It is the 3rd best selling soundtrack of all-time and an absolute ’80s classic. Seriously, if you told us you’d never heard “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”, we wouldn’t believe you.

But we’re here to remind everyone that the Dirty Dancing soundtrack was so much more than one iconic song. Heck, it was such a popular soundtrack that they released More Dirty Dancing a year later. So let’s look at three songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that don’t get as much love as they deserve.


 “Hungry Eyes” – Eric Carmen

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack is so cheesy it should come with a pairing of deli meats and pickles and “Hungry Eyes” might be the cheesiest. Oddly enough, it was written by Franke Previte and John DeNicola, the same duo who wrote the uber cheesy “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”.


 “Overload” – Zappacosta

The only CanCon compliant song on the soundtrack, Alfie Zappacosta channeled his inner Robert Palmer when creating this gem. But what we really want to know is if we should add “Overload” to our JACK Up The ’80s playlist?


“She’s Like The Wind” – Patrick Swayze

In case you forgot, Patrick Swayze himself sang a song on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack… and it actually topped the Adult Contemporary charts! It’s a super cheesy power ballad that Swayze actually wrote for a different movie, Grandview U.S.A., but when it wasn’t used in that film Swayze played it for the DD director and the song was added to the soundtrack. And the rest is history. Haha, we love Swayze but it’s probably for the best that this was his only song.


What was your favourite song on the soundtrack?


And remember… Nobody puts baby in a corner!

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