I was always told politics and religion are subjects to avoid in all public situations. For the most part, it’s been pretty easy to do. However, with the election of our 23rd Prime Minister, it began to be a bit more difficult to do. And now he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Politics aside, Justin Trudeau is a modern day James Dean. His cool factor is way above the line of awesomeness and with his recent achievement of gracing the cover of rock in roll’s holy bible, Rolling Stone, it brought up many thoughts (and also inspired me to make my own Rolling Stone cover… hahaha!)

The magazine has been with us since 1967 and it has covered everything including the two big no-nos of politics and religion. The magazine introduced generations of people to new artist, film, TV, fashion, trends, world news and above all, Rock and Roll. Everyone knows if you are on the cover you have MADE IT! With that in mind, I jumped into a conversation with Corbet, JACK’s Music Director about the best Rolling Stone covers ever. His task for me was to search through every Rolling Stone issue from 1967-2017 (Lucky for me Corb had a link for me to use) and pick my favourite cover from every decade. Easy enough….NOPE! Wow, so many amazing covers! But after a careful and critical sifting session I came up with these:

Now it’s your turn….check out the link and let us know.


OK and I cannot finish this blog without saying something very important. With the undeniably cool sound and look, how has Robert Smith and his band the Cure never been on the cover? I mean, the Backstreet Boys have graced the cover THREE TIMES. Ok, that’s off my chest! It had to be said!

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