On June 29, 1987 a CanCon legend was born. Montreal New Waver’s Men Without Hats released their third album Pop Goes The World, and the title track has been a Canadian radio staple ever since. The song sky rocketed to #1 in Austria but only achieved the heights of #2 in Canada (and Sweden). Not only was the song a huge hit, it spawned this amazing video!




Seriously, what more do you need from a music video? This one has a dancing Elvis, prerequisite cheesy ’80s graphics, a bubble machine, Bonhomme playing the drums and a baby playing the keyboard! It’s pretty much perfect.


Make sure you don’t forget about this cultural gem when prepping your Canada Day playlist. We didn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s one of 96 songs on our Patriot Love playlist on Spotify. Check it out eh!


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