Queen has really been doing their thing lately: They are touring with Adam Lambert, you can now play the Queen version of Monopoly, and a new documentary will be out in early 2018.


…here comes the but…


BUT! They’ve also done something really annoying. Queen guitarist Brian May has released 300 photographs of the band in a new book, ‘Queen in 3-D’ (you can check it out HERE).


I mean, seeing pictures of Freddie and the guys doing their thing backstage is cool. But 3D pictures are not.

In fact, other than reality, 3D anything is not cool.


We can start with those glasses: Not only do they make you look like you should be in an Elton John video from the 70’s they give me a headache.




It’s 2017, we can send rockets into space and grow human ears on lab rats. Can someone please make some 3D glasses that are stylish and comfortable? Not only is the cost of seeing a 3D movie, on average, $5 more than your regular movie, you are over charged for the crappy glasses rental for less than 3 hours – are you kidding me!! At least let me keep the glasses.


The glasses look ridiculous. YOU look ridiculous when you are sitting watching a movie and start swatting away flies that you think are in front of you, but aren’t. You look like you just ate mushrooms and are on some weird trip.


Movies and pictures are there to help us escape from reality. I live in 3D, I don’t want to experience it in film and photo. I go to movies to have a different experience; If I wanted a 3D effect I would go walk through a park during a wind storm. Or crash a wedding ceremony and stand behind the couple when they throw confetti at the end.


So what I am saying is – thanks for the cool, never-before-seen pictures Brian May, but I will just go to a wax museum if I want a 3D Freddie Mercury.


  • Eric
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